Team Europcar selects Retül as official bike fit technology

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For the second year, Team Europcar has chosen Retül as its official bike fit technology. Team Europcar will utilize Retül’s three-dimensional motion-capture bike fit system to collect biomechanical data and record bike setup positions.

Bike fit data from Retül technology is used by professional cycling teams as well as hundreds of retail bike shops around the world. Bike fitters use Retül data to help cyclists find a riding position that maximizes performance and minimizes risk of injury. For Team Europcar, Retül fitters will work with team staff to assess rider positions on road and time trial bikes and record positions with the Zin tool. The Zin tool, Retül’s handheld bicycle digitizer, allows users to measure and document contact points of bike positions with sub-millimeter accuracy.

Earlier this month Ivan O’Gorman, Lead Instructor for Retül University North America, and Joël Steve, Retül University Instructor in the European region and owner of Velofitting bike fit studio in Vence, France, traveled to Team Europcar headquarters in Nantes, France to work with the team’s new riders.

“In our first year with Europcar, they saw the information and consistency our data could provide, and I think they were really confident about the value Retül could bring,” O’Gorman said. “Part of our job is to help link medical staff and mechanics with the riders, and our key to success has been empowering the team with information and data they didn’t have before.”

O’Gorman believes that support from Team Europcar director Ismaël Mottier and team staff has been critical for a successful relationship.

“Working with Team Europcar you see the French tradition and so much passion,” O’Gorman said. "It’s exciting to blend that with science and empower the team with better data.”

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