Retül University to offer bike fit courses in Munich

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BOULDER, COLO. (31 OCTOBER 2013) - Retül University recently announced the expansion of its international bike fit education program to Germany. With classes offered at 12 teaching centers around the world, late November marks the start of the first classes to take place in Munich.

Retül University offers classes for bike fitters ranging from highly experienced to entry level. More than 800 bike fitters have completed programs with Retül University since its start in 2009.

“For a lot of fitters, time away from their businesses plus the cost of travel makes it difficult to take courses at our headquarters in Colorado,” said Todd Carver, Chief Fit and Education Officer at Retül. “Teaching face-to-face is still by far the most effective way to discuss and demonstrate bike fit. To meet international demand for high-quality bike fit education and keep the courses accessible, we hand-picked a group of instructors from around the world who teach at a high level and create an excellent atmosphere for learning.”

Carver believes the strength of Retül University’s global teaching network has allowed for the rapid expansion of courses, and he and is optimistic about providing bike fit education in the German market.

“We are going into a region where the bike industry generally takes a very scientific approach to cycling and fitting,” Carver said. “It’s highly compatible with the Retül University curriculum, and I think there’s so much we can provide through education that will continue to raise the standard of bike fit.”

Of the seven courses offered through Retül University, three will take place in Munich 25-29 November. Cost varies per course. Registration is open and can be found at

Retül offers technology, tools and education to guide bike fitters in helping cyclists improve performance and comfort on their bikes. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Retül has specialized in bike fit solutions since 2007 performing more than 3,000 fits at its Colorado headquarters, consulting nearly 700 businesses on the implementation of Retül technology and teaching almost 250 Retül University courses in more than a dozen countries. Retül is chosen as the official bike fit technology of Team Sky, Garmin-Sharp, Team Europcar, Champion Systems, British Cycling and USA Triathlon, as well as by numerous world-class triathletes including Ironman world champions Craig Alexander and Leanda Cave.