Retül University announces new structure for 2014

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Retül University continues to raise the standard of bike fit education by implementing a newly crafted certification program structure and expanded curriculum. New course content and an altered structure will expose Retül University students to the skills and knowledge most valuable to their progression as bike fitters, and most applicable to their fit businesses.

Starting in January, Retül University will expand to three levels of courses ranging from entry-level sizing and dynamic fitting courses to advanced-level Master Retül Fitter designation. Continuing education courses will also be available for experienced fitters.

The new Retül University course format includes:

Pre-Requisite Courses
Fit to Sell – 1 day course
Transition to Dynamic Bike Fit - 1 day course

Certification Courses
Basic Motion Analysis Certification - 4 day course
Advanced Motion Analysis Certification - 2 day course
Master’s Motion Analysis Certification - 1 day course

Continuing Education Courses
Positioned for Speed: Aerodynamics - 1 day course

The new Retül University format is designed to allow students to take all courses within a certification level at one time, or take courses individually based on factors such as experience or schedule. Most courses will be offered at all of Retül University’s global campuses. The new format will begin in January with additional continuing education courses to be added in the spring. View the 2014 Retül University offerings for information on course descriptions, pricing, course dates and registration information.