Medicine of Cycling chooses Retül as official bike fit technology

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Retül recently announced its partnership with Medicine of Cycling, an organization of medical professionals focused on helping physicians improve the care they provide to cyclists. Founded in 2010, Medicine of Cycling is a resource for training and continuing education across numerous areas of cyclist-specific treatment.

“We saw a need to establish industry standards of medical care for cyclists, including helping to move care providers toward a more forward-looking and progressive way of bike fitting,” said Curtis Cramblett, Physical Therapist, Faculty Member of Medicine of Cycling and founder of Revolutions in Fitness in San Jose, California. “We believe there should be an industry standard of care, and Medicine of Cycling has gathered a team of highly respected fitters to establish a consensus statement on fitting guidelines.”

Medicine of Cycling also exposes medical professionals across different specialties to technologies that can enhance the care they provide.

“The medical community is very interested in precision technology to help improve quality outcomes. Retül is a tool that helps us more precisely evaluate what kind of needs cyclists have,” Cramblett said.

Retül technology is commonly used in retail bike shops and fit studios, but Retül has also placed high emphasis on helping medical professionals utilize the technology with patients they treat for cycling injuries.

“It has always been our goal to reach medical professionals who want to learn more about bikes and the performance aspects of bike fit,” said Todd Carver, Chief Fit and Education Officer at Retül. “We want to empower medical professionals with technology that provides the accuracy and robust data they need, yet is easy to use and practical for performing bike fits on a regular, commercial basis. We’ve seen growth in that segment over the last few years and there’s still so much potential to leverage technology and expand training and education.”

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