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Last month Retül released a faster, more user-friendly FrameFinder software that offers significant enhancements to the functionality and usability over its previous beta version. FrameFinder is a web-based software engine that allows fitters to match a rider’s ideal fit coordinates to specific bike geometries and accessories housed in the FrameFinder database. For qualified bike fitters, FrameFinder is an incredibly powerful tool that significantly enhances consumer confidence in a post-fit bike recommendation.

With the continual development of new web technology, a fresh take on FrameFinder has vastly improved the user experience. The intuitive layout applies not only to what the bike fitter sees on screen, but also to how he or she will utilize FrameFinder, including stack and reach tables, ability to compare customized bikes and more powerful viewing and measuring features.

FrameFinder now allows the user to dynamically control an individual configuration of the front end of the bike. Virtually any adjustment that can be made to the front end of a bike in the real world can now be performed inside of FrameFinder. These adjustments include handlebar rotation, road hood position, arm pad vertical spacers and forward/lateral positioning and clip-on lateral position. 

"The Front End Configurator is revolutionary because it allows for virtual cockpit setups,” said Retül co-founder and lead Retül University instructor Todd Carver. “This is so important for a fitter because handlebar geometries and component setup of hoods, grips, elbow pads and extensions vary so much that it affects appropriate bike sizing. Without front end configuration, the fitter can really only provide a limited sizing recommendation. FrameFinder considers a rider’s position all the way to the grip, and this gives the riders and shops so much more flexibility in their bike recommendations.”

These enhancements, along with data from 200 bike models and bikes and parts from 40 manufacturers, represent the continual evolution and improvement in the FrameFinder software based on market testing and user feedback among many of Retül’s 650 fitters worldwide. Since the initial launch of FrameFinder, more than 4,000 bike recommendation reports have been generated by Retül users in almost 50 countries. FrameFinder enhancements will continue into 2014 with significant emphasis on increasing content.

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