Offering Retül in Your Business

Application Process

Retül selects new business accounts through an application process. The application process is a key step toward building partnerships with businesses and fitters who want to align with the Retül brand, are committed to offering outstanding fit service, and want to utilize technology to complement fit skills learned through training and experience.

We are currently accepting applications for businesses that are interested in completing Retül training and implementing Retül technology into their fit services. 

To be eligible to apply, a business must be established and open for a minimum of one year.

Applications are evaluated by Retül and Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. on several criteria including:

  • Bike fit experience and training: Applicants should have basic bike mechanic skills and be familiar with adjusting contact points on a bike. Some bike fit experience is preferred.
  • Concentration of Retül Members and Body Geometry Fitters in your area: Goals for growth of Retül users varies by market. The number of other bike fitters in your area will be considered during the application process.

If your business meets the application requirements and you would like to submit an application, please contact us to discuss the next steps. We are happy to answer questions about how Retül can be utilized in your fit service to generate fit revenue, product sales, bike sales and enhance customer relationships.

Retül Training

Retül Fit Training (Level 1) is required for all new placements of Retül technology and must be completed within six weeks of any new system purchase. This course is only available for current Retül Members and for those whose applications have been approved.