Retül Training


A cutting edge, thriving fit business drives right to the bottom line. Making riders more comfortable, powerful as well as injury-free creates lifelong customers, ensuring recurring revenue.

The Retül Fit Program is the most comprehensive fit education in the industry. Developed in conjunction with Dr. Andy Pruitt and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, the Retül Fit process has been refined into a repeatable step-by-step methodology so fitters can customize riders’ bikes and equipment to keep them riding longer, faster and with more comfort.

Retül Fit education is broken down into three courses – Retül Fit, Retül Fit 2 and Retül Technology. 

Retül Fit is the most comprehensive bike fit education available. Fitters will gain comprehensive knowledge about the human body and fit process using Retül motion capture technology. You will be able to make educated support decisions and build a great fit reputation within your community.

Retül Fit 2 has a focus on aerodynamic and mountain bike fit.  Fitters will have an opportunity to perform a mountain bike fit, as well as an aero fit in the WIN Tunnel using Vantage motion capture technology. Dr. Andy Pruitt will teach advanced physical assessments and discuss cycling-specific injuries and solutions to broaden your fit knowledge. (Prerequisite: Retül Fit)

Retül Technology is offered to Specialized retailers who have taken a Body Geometry Level 1 class and have since purchased Retül motion capture technology. This course offers a refresh of the pre-fit assessment process and teaches the Body Geometry fitter how to use Retül technology. Fitters perform road and aero fittings. (Prerequisite: Body Geometry Level I)


Registration for Specialized USA retailers:
  • You may book classes through your inside representative or by emailing  To complete the booking, the attendee’s name and personal email address will be requested.
  • Once the class is booked, an automatic email registration process begins through the attendee’s email.
  • The online registration collects flight, hotel, bike size, and special arrangement information.
  • This registration page contains critical information for the attendee to print, such as shuttle, hotel, contacts and instructions upon arrival.
  • Contact the SBCU Registration Coordinator with any questions or for assistance at
Registration for current USA based Retül Members who are not part of the Specialized retailer network:
  • Please contact the SBCU Registration Coordinator with your contact name, business information and Retül course you are looking to register for at
  • Once all necessary information is collected, and the class is booked, you will receive an email that contains critical information for the attendee to print, such as shuttle, hotel, contacts and instructions upon arrival.
Registration for current international Retül Members who are not part of the Specialized retailer network:
  • All Retül training is done through the Specialized Bicycle Components University (SBCU) for your region. Pricing and class dates varies for each market.

  • Please contact us with the Retül course you are looking to attend and a Retül representative will provide information on registration for your market.

Registration for those that are not current users of Retül technology and are not part of the Specialized retailer network:
  • Please read over the application process carefully for qualifications and detailed information on how to become a Retül Member.
  • After you have read the application process details, please contact us if you have additional questions on how to become a Retül Member.
  • Transportation to/from San Jose Airport (courses in Morgan Hill, CA).
  • Lodging for the night before the class begins through the morning after class
  • Full breakfast at the hotel each day.
  • Lunch and dinner at Specialized on class days.
  • Daily transportation from the hotel to Specialized.

**All fitters are responsible for booking and paying for flights or alternative transportation to and from the San Jose, CA airport.

  • Due to the high demand for courses offered, SBCU has a strict cancellation and no show policy.
  • Cancellations must be made through the SBCU Registration Coordinator (408.779.6229, ext. 6035).  Booking for a future date at that time will be subject to availability.
  • If canceled 30 days or more before the start of the registered class, you will not be charged.