Vantage 3D Motion Capture System

The world’s only cycling-specific, 3D motion capture system featuring real-time kinematic data

Key Features

  • Rider movement is measured in three dimensions simultaneously, and dynamically while the rider is pedaling
  • LED markers are captured at 18 frames per second creating millimeter-specific accuracy
  • Data is collected dynamically as a set of averaged pedal strokes from the rider, not from an isolated position or view
  • Zin digitizer allows fast bike measurement with sub-millimeter accuracy
  • Ease of use and comprehensive data create efficiency and time savings during each fit

Included with Vantage

V7 software package included for first-time Vantage buyers, Vantage sensor bar, LED wireless harness, Zin wireless digitizing tool, sensor bar power supply, sensor bar cleaning cloth, sensor bar level, USB dongle, accessory charger, adhesive markers, elastic loop set, folding tripod, protective travel case

360° Rotating platform included fully built for U.S. customers

Platform parts kit included for international customers

Platform packages are not included with a Vantage upgrade from previous Retül hardware.

Contact Retül for order information and pricing