Müve SL Dynamic Fit Bike

Ultra-light fit bike with XY adjustability to dynamically determine ideal riding position

Key features:

  • Fitter can change saddle, stem, bars, pedals and crank length to find the rider’s ideal position and equipment for road, mountain or TT/triathlon positions
  • Fit bike weight of 72 pounds allows for easy movement in and out of fit station
  • 700c standard rear road wheel and trainer skewer allow for utilization of a fitter’s existing rear-wheel trainer
  • Movement shafts are low-friction with maintenance-free polymer dry brushing
  • Hand knobs are located high on the bike for easy adjustment
  • Now includes Müve Saddle Clamp for easy changing of saddles
  • Adjustable front foot height with bubble level (100mm leveling travel)
  • Integrated Retül 3D Zin divots for easy and precise bike measuring

Included with the Müve SL

  • Adjustable fitting crank with 155-185mm arm lengths
  • Müve Saddle Clamp
  • 53T chainring and 20T cog single-speed drivetrain
  • 50mm high offset spacer block that is reversible for forward or rearward biased saddle mounting
  • 68mm steel bottom bracket shell with square taper bottom bracket, 113mm spindle
  • Rüler accessory for quickly measuring stack and reach

Additional Information

  • 72 degree headtube angle, 1.125” stem mount
  • Angle of saddle height movement is 76 degrees
  • 2.5mm of travel per turn of hand knobs
  • Travel ranges relative to bottom bracket:
  • Approximate saddle height range is 555mm (without spacer) to 920mm (with spacer)
  • Headtube top center stack range: 458mm to 700mm
  • Headtube top center reach range: 330mm to 475mm
Rider on Muve SL fit bike