Retül Fit

(3 days)

Retül Fit is an investment in the best fit education and technology available.  Fitters will leave with an understanding of how the body is affected by cycling and how to make educated decisions to safely fit the bike to the body. They will learn how to perform a fit on a road bike using cutting edge Retül motion capture technology.

You will learn the difference between sizing and fitting, how to sell and talk to customers about fit, and how to overcome obstacles to create a thriving fit business.

Registration is open to current Retül Members, Specialized retailers and new customers who have received approval via the Retül application process.

The curriculum includes:
  • Extensive fit training on road bikes
  • Fitting with Retül Vantage motion capture
  • Basic anatomy and cycling biomechanics
  • Sizing vs. Fitting
  • Bike measurements with the Zin tool
  • Fitting on the Muve SL fit bike
  • Fit textbook
  • Basic fit tools
Tuition:  $1,250 USD*
Specialized retailers can register for the Tech Course by contacting the SBCU Registration Coordinator at or register on the Specialized B2B site.
*The tuition fee only applies to courses completed through SBCU USA. Pricing, schedule and course availability will differ if you reside in a country outside of the U.S. International courses are completed through the SBCU market for each region. Please contact us for details on how to register for those courses.