Retül University changes and the return of advanced classes

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Class Offerings

New dates are available for Retül University in Boulder, Newcastle, Brisbane and Madrid, and registration is now open for all classes through the end of 2015.

Advanced-level classes have returned to Retül University and will be part of a new program structure. Effective in September, classes will be available in the following format:

Retül users who have completed education through Retül University will be identified as the following:

  • Retül Level 1 Fit Technician (upon completion of Level 1)
  • Retül Level 2 Fit Technician (upon completion of Level 2 or Tech Course)
  • Retül Certified Fitter (upon completion of certification exam)

Retül users with Level 1, Level 2 or Retül Certified status will continue to receive annual email notification to renew their status through the Annual Fit Review.

Updates to Find a Fitter

Retül is working on advancements to to help cyclists find trained fitters more effectively and book fits directly online. Watch for an improved Find a Fitter interface going live in September. Retül will launch an online fit scheduler to allow cyclists to book fits on directly through individual business listings. All fitters with Level 1 status or higher will be eligible to subscribe to the online scheduler.

Only Retül users who are current on their Level 1, Level 2 or Retül Certified status are listed on Fitters who are not current on their status can contact Retül to register for an upcoming Level 1 course or complete the Annual Fit Review.

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