Retül at Colombia Cycling team camp

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Retül, in its third year as the official bike fit technology of Colombia Cycling, wrapped up 2014 by spending a few days at the team's camp in Bogotá. Retül fitters Todd Carver and René Muñoz collected biomechanical and bike setup data, and also molded Fütbeds, Retül’s new custom cycling insoles, for the riders.

“We received really good feedback from the riders on the positions in which they were set up last year, and most riders have stayed with those positions,” said Muñoz, a Retül fitter and Retül University instructor who lives in Boulder but is native to Colombia.

The team also received Fütbeds which were molded on site per each rider’s individual needs.

“Most riders were using the stock insoles that came in their shoes so we encouraged them to try Fütbeds to see how the difference in support would feel,” Carver said. “The riders have now had a few months with Fütbeds and the response has been very positive."

During team camp Retül was also fitting with and testing the Müve SL, a new light-weight, easily movable fit bike. The Müve SL is designed with XY adjustability to dynamically determine a rider’s ideal position on the bike and is typically used when a rider is looking for a new bike or does not have a bike available during a fit. With the Müve SL, the stack and reach of the rider’s final position can easily be measured by hand, or Retül’s Zin 3D digitizer can be used for complete bike measurement. The Müve SL is compatible with Retül’s adjustable fit stem and saddle clamp, making bar, stem and saddle changes easy on the bike fitter and rider. Testing will continue on the Müve SL and its official release date will be announced this spring.

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