New Retül University dates and structure

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Registration for Retül University is now open for dates in the USA, UK and Australia. As we focus on strengthening the Retül brand and continuing to improve the experience of a Retül fit in the marketplace, we have implemented several changes to our education structure. Here are the key updates to Retül University:

Current Retül Members

  • Retül University remains open to all current Retül Members (fitters and businesses who currently own a Retül motion capture system).
  • Retül Certification is the primary offering through Retül University. While Retül Certification remains optional, only Certified Retül Fitters will maintain a business listing on Businesses that do not have a Certified Retül Fitter will not maintain a listing on
  • Certified Retül Fitters have access to new or additional Retül products. Certification must be current in order to purchase new products. Businesses that do not have a Certified Retül Fitter cannot purchase new or additional Retül products with the exception of open products including dots, Levül and Angül.
  • For fitters who have current certifications for Basic Motion Analysis, Advanced Motion Analysis or Master’s Motion Analysis, all certifications remain fully valid until their expiration date. Upon the recertification renewal date, fitters can complete an Annual Fit Review to maintain status as a Certified Retül Fitter.
  • Retül University courses are currently offered in our three largest markets: USA, UK and Australia. The price for Retül Certification is intentionally lower than previous Retül University courses to help make Retül University accessible.
  • For fitters who maintain their status as a Certified Retül Fitter through the Annual Fit Review, the standard $250 fee can now be applied as a credit toward eligible Retül products including a Vantage upgrade, Müve SL, V7 software, Angül and Levül.
  • As an alternative to the $250 fee for the Annual Fit Review, completion of relevant, third-party bike fit education will be accepted in lieu of payment. Education must be specific to bike fit, biomechanics or physiology and can include sources such as USA Cycling, USA Triathlon, any accredited university, professional certifications through organizations such as ACE, ACSM or FMS, bike fit conferences or any other relevant bike fit education program.
  • Advanced Fütbed Certification is now required for Certified Retül Fitters who want to offer the Fütbed insole service.
  • Fütbed Certification status will be extended to fitters who are current on recertification and have already completed Advanced Motion Analysis or the Cycling Insoles course.

New Fitters and New Business Inquiries

  • Retül now uses an application process for all new business inquiries, and Retül University is open to any fitter whose application has been approved.
  • Fitters who do not currently have a Retül motion capture system but wish to attend Retül University should first start with the application process.

Retül believes education is the key to successful fitter development. A trained fitter who is continually gaining more fit experience can utilize the world’s best fit technology to offer a premier service and truly serve the rider’s needs at a superior level. 

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